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Rehabilitation consists of 4 domains:
Prevention is a key aspect, recognising the risks associated with an injury and the implementation of an appropriate plan to minimise adverse effects. Also, educating an individual of the potential causes of injury will help to reduce the risk of re-injury.
Recognition, evaluation and assessment
Understanding patho-mechanics and predisposing factors of an injury will assist the assessment and evaluation of injury. This will help formulate an appropriate management plan for the injury in question.
Immediate care

A thorough evaluation and assessment of an injury can be conducted, and an informed decision based on the indications and contraindications for return to participation or recovery to functional activities.
Treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning
The recovery of function and/or performance is facilitated through the administration of therapeutic exercise programmes and the use of electrotherapeutic and manual therapeutic modalities and techniques.


The main objectives of this programme are to maintain and improve an individual’s:
• Range of motion
• Flexibility levels
• Strength and general physical conditioning
Range of Motion
Full, pain-free range of motion is goal of all rehabilitation programmes. These exercises are to be done actively or passively.
The ability to move a joint through its full range of motion pain-free is an important goal of rehabilitation. An adequate level of flexibility is necessary for good performance and injury prevention. Flexibility exercises are designed to improve joint range of motion, mainly consisting of static stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).


Development of muscle strength is an essential component of any rehabilitation programme. Muscle weakness or imbalance can result in abnormal or impaired performance. Progressive resistive exercise is the most common strengthening Technique used for reconditioning the muscle post- injury.
Physical Conditioning
An individuals level of physical fitness must be maintained and improved, it is a necessary component that must not be ignored during rehabilitation.


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